Digital Finance Forum 2017 / The Financial Sector in the Phygital Era

The term “phygital” is a blend of the words physical and digital and describes the new trend of combining physical and digital sales and distribution channels for products and services. It is now being used in the financial sector as well, as companies have started investing in digital technologies under pressure from the fintech startups. At the same time, banks have begun to realize the necessity of modernizing their brick-and-mortar branches, which are still visited by many customers.

While the phygital approach is being applied in distribution channels, banks and insurance companies are transitioning to the digital era. Meanwhile, there are new developments in digital payments and POS devices, which should also be taken into consideration by all professionals involved in related sectors – at least in Greece.

These changes, already underway in companies of the financial sector, will be the focus of the 4th Digital Finance Forum organized by Ethos Media. This year’s event is titled “The Financial Sector in the Phyigital Era” and is the next step after the conference “Digital Finance Forum 2016”, which was focused on the digitization of the financial sector and the changes brought by ongoing developments in digital technologies.


Τhe 4th Digital Finance Forum is highly differentiated from all other events because of its material, which will be presented in an interactive way allowing the audience maximum participation.

Besides the speeches, panels and Q&A sessions, there will be a number of demos and workshops available for all interesting parties.

Focus Areas / Digital Finance Forum 2017 consists of 4 focus areas as shown below:

  • Technological infrastructure is key
  • The new phygital store
  • Developments in payment methods
  • New models in insurance